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Product Highlights

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New Features Preview

Use an online connection to portal imaging to call up images directly into RTD-Imaging.

Dosimetry from portal imaging may be directly compared with a treatment planning matrix or with other verification measurements. Overlay matrices on-screen, and apply 'RTD Compare & Analysis' tools for rapid verification of results.


Comparison of Portal Imaging and Calculated Doses with Gamma Analysis Display

  • Online import of data from the portal imaging system
  • Import of treatment planning matrices for comparison with dosimetry
  • DICOM RT-based
  • On-screen comparisons & instant analysis
  • Simple report generation

Multidata offers 5 waterphantom sizes - including the largest waterphantom available on the market.

  • Scan complete profile sets at depth, even for large fieldsizes and high energies, without changing the scanning setup
  • Ideal for TPS data sets
  • No half-scans or shifting of water tank required
  • More than 60cm scanning width, 89cm scanning diagonal
  • The best dosimetry results, the greatest convenience and no compromises

Multidata offers Remote Scanning Support via secure internet to aid users during scanning.

Our staff can log into the RTD system via a secure internet connection and operate or observe the system via internet, inspecting parameters and settings. A great new support tool.

  • get online assistance and diagnostics from Multidata during scanning via a secure internet connection
  • Available to RTD users under warranty and with MultiCare Support agreements

The option offers more value-added than old-fashioned hand-held controlling devices sold as accessories to many waterphantoms.

You can:

  • use RTDi iPad as a waterphantom setup device in the treatment room
  • use RTDi iPad for wireless access to your dosimetry data on any computer in the network
  • use RTDi iPad to display your dosimetry data at your desk, in the hallway, in the conference room
  • use RTDi iPad as ... an iPad
More RTD Waterphantom Configurations

Multidata offers more high resolution waterphantom models than any other manufacturer.

  • Special XL configuration
  • Compact configuration for tomotherapy systems
  • Datalinks to all TPS
  • Remote access options - access and support via Internet
  • IPad controllers available now for all configurations
  • 1D automatic waterphantom for depth doses, verification measurements - with TMR lift option

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